Sneaker books that educate and entertain

Those that know me know I love more than just sneakers. I love to read and have entirely too many books in my house. The Japanese actually have a word for people who obtain more books than they can actually read…tsundoku.

So I thought I’d share with you some books that I think all sneakerheads should own:

sneakers book

Sneakers by Rodrigo Corral, Alex French, and Howie Kahn

This is without a doubt a book you must own. First off, it just looks dope! It’s full of extremely interesting, short-form bios of pretty much everyone you should know about in the game. I’ve honestly learned so much from this book and have a much better appreciation of the stories behind the grails everyone loves to stunt in. Heavy hitters included in Sneakers include Virgil Abloh, Jeff Staple, Ronnie Fieg, Tinker Hatfield and Dominic Chambrone. Also makes a great prop for your IG pics 🙂

Pick it up now from Amazon using the link here

shoe dog

Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight

Ok, so my tsundoku is kicking in here…I haven’t read this book yet. But it’s from the damn founder of Nike! How could you go wrong with this! I’ve heard nothing but great stuff about this book and can’t wait to dig into this one myself.

Pick up your copy here


Kicks: The Great American Story of Sneakers by Nicholas Smith

I’m almost done with this one and damn if I’m not getting an education in sneakers. Nicholas Smith covers so much ground here and keeps the entertainment level high. Consider this your official sneaker history book. From Charles Goodyear to Chuck Taylor to Adolf “Adi” Dassler and more – you will be a walking sneaker encyclopedia after reading this book.

Cop this must have book here

sneaker wars

Sneaker Wars: The Enemy Brothers Who Founded Adidas and Puma and the Family Feud That Forever Changed the Business of Sports by Barbara Smit

A long fucking title for a book that explains how Adidas and Puma came to be (and the “proper” way to pronounce Adidas). The more you know about the history of the shoes you rock with, the more you appreciate what you’re buying.

Amazon has this for cheap too – click here

23 roots

23 Roots: The History Behind the First 23 Pairs of Air Jordan Sneakers by Frank J. Gonzalez

This is a quick, yet informative read for anyone that likes Jordans but wants to know more about the background of the shoes. You can tell from reading it that the author is a fellow sneakerhead with a real passion for the sneakers. It’s only available in digital format via iBooks or Kindle but you can pick it up for less than $5.

Order it for your Kindle here

Let me know what you think of these and any other sneaker books that you’ve read. I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time….wear your sneaks!


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